Cove Edge Photo Mount Print


Turn your dearest memories into timeless masterpieces with our artisanal Cove Edge Photo Mount Prints. A harmonious blend of nature's elegance and sophisticated craftsmanship, these prints are designed not just to tell your story, but to become a part of it. Perfect for home decor enthusiasts, photographers, and the eco-conscious. Immerse yourself in a world where your favorite moments are enshrined with organic beauty and ecological responsibility. 
Natural Birch Wood Base: Each 3/4" thick panel radiates the charm of rustic living with a custom coved edge that introduces depth and character to your images, while flaunting the wood's innate, captivating patterns.
Premium Lustre Photo Paper Finish: Experience the optimal visual delight as your photos dance under a subtle sheen, thanks to a high-quality Lustre Photo Paper that expertly balances gloss and matte for an exquisite viewing experience.
Archival Inks for Longevity: Cherish your memories decade after decade; our use of industry leading archival inks guarantees enduring vibrancy, ensuring your photographs resist the fade of time and remain as lively as the day they were printed.
Ready to Hang: Simplicity meets style - each print is thoughtfully equipped with a keyhole slot, making the mounting process effortless and ensuring your wall art remains securely in place. 
Solar Powered Craftsmanship: Proudly produced in our sunny California workshop, these prints embody a passion for the planet, as each piece is meticulously handcrafted using solar energy, the green heartbeat of our operations.