Brands We Work With


For the last ten years the Coachella Music Festival has put on its weekend long annual music and arts festival in the heart of Indio, California.

The festival was held for the first time in the Summer of ’99 and every year has grown in size and popularity. Fans come from not just all over California but all over the world to experience the festivities and concerts put on over the three day long event. Coachella is all about big crowds, big attractions and big music.

So when the people who put on the weekend long extravaganza asked us at Monster Media Inc. to supply all of their venue and parking prints starting in 2007, we knew we were in for a big job ahead of us. The large three acre event was not in short supply of signage and banner needs all over the grounds it covered.

But Monster Media Inc. did not disappoint the people at Coachella and gladly supplied them in any digital printing needs they had. All over the venue the contributions of Monster Media Inc. could be seen. From the parking lot to the band set times to the venue maps to even the restroom signs, Monster Media Inc’s handy work could be seen in the perfect quality that we always seek to offer our clients.

Coachella continues to expand in every way a festival of their caliber can and we here at Monster Media Inc. will be proud to continue to supply them with whatever digital printing needs they could ever possibly need.


Sambazon has made it very clear that the mission of their company is to not only share the Acai fruit with the world, but to also use it as a means of preserving the rainforests it grows in.  At the same time, they wish to stimulate the economy of the native citizens who grow and harvest the fruit.

We at Monster Media Inc. wholly and completely support this goal of Sambazon and that is why we are so proud to be continuously used for all of Sambazons printing needs. Sambazon has been steadily growing as a company since early 2000 and with their growth has come an increasing need for more and more advertising and POP printed items to be used in the promotion and distribution of their product.

Through their growth Monster Media Inc. has enthusiastically provided them with anything and everything they need to fill these needs. Ranging from new menu signs to colorful banner prints to even custom foam board cutouts, we have done everything we can to provide Sambazon with high quality, pristine looking prints anytime they need it. Sambazon shows no sign of slowing down in their mission to spread the word about the Acai berry and we here at Monster Media Inc. promise not to either in supplying them with all their digital printing needs.

Obey Clothing

Obey Clothing has been spreading the art and message of Shepard Fairey for years now through men’s and women’s fashion. With every new design they seek to not only attract their consumers but also to make them think and ponder on the content of the artwork itself.

Obey Clothing can be found in stores all across the country and Monster Media Inc. is always there to supply digital printing materials for them anytime they ask for it. Monster Media Inc. has shared a close and valued relationship with Obey Clothing for years now, printing a variety of items for their in store and public event needs.

In fact, very few clients of ours have utilized so many of our resources we offer in the world of digital printing like Obey has. Be it window vinyls for their latest distributor agreement or graffiti stencils of their well known logo and name. Obey Clothing is always there to push the envelope and experiment with new ideas and new products alongside our own design and production teams.

Obey Clothing has advanced their way into a brand that is recognized and admired and we here at Monster Media Inc. are always very excited to see what they come up with next.


Oakley has always tried to set themselves apart from the rest of the industry as a company that sees challenges and limits the same way that their athletes and consumers see them. Nothing more than goals that need to and can be overcome.

We here at Monster Media Inc. have sought to emulate that same mindset during our close relationship with Oakley with every new project they bring to us for all of their printing needs. We are always excited to see what Oakley is going to bring to us next. Whether it be another group of vehicles like their new HDO fleet they brought to us recently or a set of custom banners to help promote their latest product or event they are hosting.

Whatever it is, we do what it takes to give the highest quality printing available in the quickest and most efficient manner we can. Oakley has always tried to simply make things better than anyone thought possible, so we here at Monster Media Inc. think that they themselves deserve the same from us.