Monster Media, Inc. is a large and grand format digital print company based in Riverside, CA. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service along with direct wholesale pricing. Our specialties include: point of purchase/trade show printing, fleet/vehicle graphics, banners any size and quantity, and much more. By combining our imaging technology with automation and real-time communication and calibration tools, we are able to reduce production times while still improving the quality of your project.

Over the past 10 years we have built a strong reputation for meeting our clients’ needs on time. With our design and offset print partners, we can handle your entire project from conception to completion.

HOW IT ALL BEGAN…In 1999, a chance encounter with a friend set Derric Swinfard (Owner) on a path that would lead to the company Monster Media Inc. is today. This friend who worked for a digital printing business happened to show Derric a banner they had printed for Volcom, who coincidentally is a current client of ours. Curious and impressed, Derric asked his buddy how much the printers cost that made the banner and his friend gave him the contact information on where to buy such a printer. He made the call and the next thing you know, a printer was set up in Derric’s spare bedroom.

To get the business going Derric decided to look to Osiris, since he was currently working there. He began to take on all of their trade show and point of purchase printing needs at the time. Word soon started to spread about Derric’s new business venture, and the ten years he had spent in the Action Sports industry establishing relationships and working began to benefit him. All of the good friends he had made during those years happened to work at a variety of different companies in the industry. Soon all of these friends were giving him their business. The company grew and grew, doubling the amount of business each year until Derric decided to buy Monster Media’s first “grand format” 8′ Mimaki printer.

This is when the company really started to take off. Derric kept putting every penny back into the business and continued to grow and build a very strong client base that has made Monster Media Inc. who we are today. The digital technology employed has also grown and evolved to include 3 10′ HP Latex digital printers, 2 flat bed digital printers, 2 25′ Miller Weldmaster seamers a CNC router and two laminators.

Monster Media has grown from one spare bedroom to a 15,000 square foot building, from one HP 5000 printer to 5 grand format printers and from one man curious about a banner to a staff of twenty employees and growing!