Environmentally Conscious Printing

Monster Media Inc. puts the quality in the products we create and the service we offer at the top of priorities. But, alongside those essential characteristics we strive toward is an equal concern for how we impact the environment while achieving those goals. We look outside the box and put a lot of thought into how to make the best prints, keep customers happy and at the same time treat the earth with the same respect we offer up to the people we print for. When walking through our offices and warehouse, it is not difficult to find examples of that concern turned into a real part of how our company works.


One of the newest and most exciting additions to the Monster Media Inc printing family has been our recent acquisition of the new HP Designjet L65500 Printer. We are the first company in all of California in resale production to get their hands on this new machine and that is something we are extremely proud of. This new printer boasts performance and quality comparable to low-solvent ink in a water-based ink format. With this new water-based HP Latex Ink technology we are able to print the same grand format prints at the same quality without the production of ozone emissions, hazardous air pollutants or sensitizers. This not only creates a healthier environment for the operators who work around it but on a larger scale shrinks Monster Media Inc’s carbon footprint on the environment exponentially. The new HP also removes a lot of the error margin found in low-solvent ink printers by automating a lot of the previously manual functions. By removing operator intervention we save ink, media, time and the amount of waste that we deliver into the environment. It also provides much more consistent color from print to print jobs due to the new HP DreamColor Technologies integrated into the system. Everything about this printer is geared towards making our job easier, your products better and the environment’s health better.


We have changed how we print and what energy we use to print with, the last step is changing what we print on. We have taken it upon ourselves to seek out and put hours of research into finding post consumer products to print on that are comparable in quality and also price to the materials already in use with our printers. We are proud to now offer an entire line of post consumer products that can be found in nearly all of our services we offer, ranging from our banners to our flatbed prints to much more. Customers who come to Monster Media Inc can make a choice now whether or not they want to join us in our battle to fight waste and pollution in all of their grand format printing needs. We also recycle every bit of waste material in our warehouse that we can, so that none of our materials and the impact they have on the environment once they leave our doors is taken for granted.