Birch Vintage Matte Shape Prints


What is the difference between Vintage Matte or Bright White? Read more about it Here.

Our Birch Shaped Wood Prints are nature's gift, offering an organic touch of serenity that infuses your home with earthly elegance. With every glance, be reminded of your most treasured moments as they're beautifully imprinted on unique cuts of birch wood.

Choose Your Perfect Shape

8x8 Hexagon. Compact and visually striking, a perfect accent for any room.

12x12 Hexagon. Larger in scale, making a statement piece that captivates.

12" Heart. A tender reminder of love, ideal for memorable occasions and cherished photographs.

Vintage Matte Finish: For those who are drawn to the allure of a rustic aesthetic, this finish emphasizes the wood's warm, natural tones, offering a sense of nostalgia and coziness to your space.

Tailor Your Memories with Ease

Our user-friendly online cropping tool puts personalization at your fingertips, allowing total control over the customization of your images. The intuitive interface is equipped for straightforward click-and-drag adjustments to ensure your photos are showcased to perfection.