8x8 Hexagon Birch Photo Mount Print


The 8x8 Hexagon Birch Photo Mount Print is a unique piece of artistry. This product stands out with its hexagonal shape, a refreshing departure from the usual rectangular or square frames. It's not just a photo print, but a piece of decor that adds a modern touch to any space.

What sets this product apart is its eco-friendly production. Each print is handcrafted in a California workshop powered entirely by solar energy. The use of birch wood gives it a natural, rustic appeal, while the Lustre Photo paper and archival inks ensure the photo's longevity.

Additionally, the print comes with a keyhole slot on the back, making it easy to hang. This thoughtful design detail simplifies the process of displaying your cherished memories. The 8x8 Hexagon Birch Photo Mount Print is more than a photo frame; it's a sustainable, stylish, and convenient solution for showcasing your favorite images.