Wall Decor Wood Print Tips and Ideas

Wall Decor Wood Print Tips and Ideas

Wall Decor Wood Print Tips and Ideas

It's all about the little details within a home to really make it exert a homey atmosphere. A plain wall is a perfect canvas to play around and experiment with decorative ideas. The ideas are endless when it comes to creating prints to embellish walls.

Choosing a Theme Choosing a theme is important because you want the prints to go well with the wall and the rest of the interior. Many clients choose a theme that will match with the interior as well as play as a universal theme within the prints. Themes are nice because it allows your space to tell a story. For example, if you choose to have a room that's vintage themed, you'll most likely see a lot of history throughout the room like, rustic furnishings, vintage artwork, warm and dark color tones, and wooden accents. Vintage is a common theme we come across when printing wood prints because the wooden canvas really gives off a natural and organic feel. Businesses, like beer and coffee companies, tend to lean toward prints on wood because it matches with the common brewing barrels and it gives off a relaxing atmosphere. Many beer and coffee companies want that "relaxing atmosphere" when customers come in for a drink.


Color Schemes

The image above is a great example of a custom wood prints that make or break the atmosphere of the room. Adding one color scheme throughout the wall prints is an easy way to have the images fit well with the rest of the interior. First of all, it adds a hint of color to slightly lighten up the room. Secondly, they incorporated a vintage car theme that all have the same color scheme, which makes the prints look continuous and fitting with one another. At Prints on Wood, we print a lot of sepia toned prints, when clients want to give off a vintage vibe. Especially in a monochromatic room, a pop of color is a great way to give life to a space.

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Mix up the Sizes!


Looking at the image above, it is always nice to mix up the sizes of the wood prints to add variety to the wall. It also adds dimensions and textures to the wall, which would really be the icing on the cake to a plain wall.