HARVESTing in Signage

HARVESTing in Signage

Greg-Laurie1Harvest is a church that started 35 years ago by its pastor, Greg Laurie. When Pastor Greg Laurie was 19 years ago, he started a Bible study group in Riverside, California. Over the years, Greg's Bible study group expanded so much it eventually outgrew its facility. It first started off with 30 people, but now stands as one of the largest churches in America, holding approximately 15,000 people. Greg started hosting Harvest Crusades, a large, public evangelistic event in the United States, where over 5,000,000 people have attended. After having such a great turn out, Laurie expanded by holding a variety of nation wide events to bring many people together.

harvest crusades stadium10

For a community who is always hosting a variety of events, signage will always come in clutch. Harvest really gets the concept of why utilizing signage is important when bringing together large groups of people. Signage becomes a source of visual attention to attract people for either upcoming events, at events, or as a source of directional guidance. Harvest is aware of all of the above, which is probably why their events are always successful and their attendance is always high! Whether Harvest is hosting a small, or a large evangelistic event, they are always creating signs to spark the interest of their communities. For example, Easter is just around the corner and Harvest is hosting a special message from Greg Laurie on March 26-27th. We got the opportunity to help Harvest prepare for Easter by creating festive, coroplast signs with details about the event. We also created them in two different sizes, which is convenient for Harvest to place accordingly at their facility.

Harvest America signage Harvest America signage1

Harvest invests in signage for a lot of different purposes, which is awesome! Below are a few recent examples of the different signs Harvest used. Harvest America, an annual nation wide event streamed and live for everyone, was just this weekend and we help create signs in all different sizes. The one pictured below is one of the smaller coroplast signs we printed for them. Harvest also incorporated vertical vinyl banners to label each ministry and their social media platforms at their campus. Lastly, directional signage is always a nice way to communicate and strive for a more enjoyable experience in whatever setting. Parking lots can always get hectic, especially at a campus with over 15,000 people, so using arrows to guide traffic is always a nice way to ease the stress in the lots.

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