Birch Photo Mount Print


Transform your cherished memories into stunning art with the Birch Photo Mount Wood Print, where nature's elegance meets the permanence of photography.

Natural Birch Wood Base: Each photo is mounted on a robust 3/4" birch wood panel, offering unique, natural wooden edge that perfectly complements the rustic charm of any interior.

High-Quality Lustre Photo Paper: The use of premium Lustre Photo Paper ensures a finish that is between a gloss and matte, providing a slight sheen without a heavy glare.

Archival Inks for Longevity: Printed with archival inks designed to resist fading, this print ensures that your images remain vibrant and distinct for years to come.

Ready to Hang: We've included a keyhole slot on the back of each print for easy and stable hanging, making the setup process seamless and simple.

Handcrafted with Solar Power: Lovingly handcrafted in our California workshop, we take pride in our eco-friendly production process, powered entirely by solar energy.

Artisan Quality: Our combination of high-quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and environmental consciousness results in a product that is not only impressive but also sustainable.